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Our technicians are quality trained professionals who will complete all improvements and repairs to factory specifications and government codes. Over the previous decade, pool equipment manufactures have greatly improved their product lines for quality, durability, energy efficiency, and have made them more environmentally friendly. Pool heaters are not the dreaded dragons as once before. And pool filter pumps now require less horsepower to circulate pool water and operate pool cleaners. Both improvements save you money, especially during the peak summer months.


1940's Remodel

Saratoga Country Club

Residential #1

Choose from the list below to view our remodel services:


Automatic Pool and Spa Control Systems

Replaster & Repair of Pool Surface - See Above Examples

Tile & Coping Repair/Replace


Spill Edges

Loop-Loc Pool Cover and Baby-Loc Removable Fencing

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One of our specialties is remodeling your pool for defects, damage, or just to improve its appearance. Customers can choose between varied types of pool finishes, tile, coping, customized lighting and other upgrades.

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