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Fiberstars most recent technological breakthrough brings metal halide technology to your backyard. This lamp technology has been used for many years in commercial applications; but now, through advances in technology, metal halide lamps are being used in many residential applications. This lamp is the same bright, white light you find in many luxury cars today. We can install these commercial-grade lamps into our lighting systems to light up your pool and spas.

You will be the talk of the neighborhood. Your friends will be dazzled. Lighting will bring a new definition to the word entertainment. Lighting will create an aura of paradise in your backyard - the backyard everyone will remember.

Call or email for more information. Check out Fiberstars for further detailed information and their very colorful gallery of pool/spa designer lighting.

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One of our specialties is remodeling your pool for defects, damage, or just to improve its appearance. Customers can choose between varied types of pool finishes, tile, coping, customized lighting and other upgrades.

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